Carolina Kavanaugh

Carolina Kavanaugh

Zumba instructor


Official Zumba Instructor

CPR/AED Certified

About Coach

I have had a passion for dance for as long as I can remember. I didn’t, however, take my first dance class until college, and then the passion exploded! As an adult, there weren’t many opportunities to dance, which left a void in my life. A friend took me to my first Zumba class and I was amazed! I took Zumba classes for years and one day, someone told me I should become an instructor. It had never crossed my mind, but I have since discovered that along with a passion for dance, I absolutely love to teach and I just love people in general. I have been teaching Zumba for 10 years now and I hope to continue for many years!

Turning Point

I was terrible at all things that required physical strength. Literally, the last one was picked. When I discovered that I was actually good at something physical (dance), it was a huge turning point for me and it really built my confidence. When I look at things that I think are amazing, like teaching a group fitness class or performing on a stage, I used to think that was for other people. That I couldn’t do that. Until I realized that I was only limiting myself. Since then, I have done both things and I feel so fulfilled and proud of myself for going for it!

Motivation & Passion