Phillip L Williams

Phillip L Williams

Coach Phil

l have been married 36 years, and have 3 kids and 2 grandchildren. l have been training for over 26 years and retired from UPS after 36 years of service.


AFAA Personal Trainer

AFAA Group Fitness Instructor

ICG Spin Coach

PowerCut Coach

Schwinn Spin Coach

Bootcamp Coach and Muscle Coach

About Coach

l started teaching spin 26 years ago mostly because l liked the class, but did not like the music. During my first class, I did not say much but played Rock n' Roll. The comment cards that came in after that class were not good, but I did not let that stop me. In the next class I taught, l encouraged them more through their workout AND used a water gun when they slacked up. The comment cards following stated it was the best class ever and this gave me the encouragement to continue to train. Soon after, l got my Personal Training and Group Fitness Certifications.

Turning Point

I had a heart attack at age 49, which was a major turning point. As I was getting ready for surgery, my family walked into the room. and l could see the fear in their eyes and thought l might not see them again. Despite thinking l was in pretty good health, l knew something had to change if l wanted to be around for my family.

Motivation & Passion

If you want to achieve any thing in life don't give up, go for it, and give it your all.