Amanda Dickerson

Amanda Dickerson



Certified Personal Trainer, ISSA
Certified Health Coach, ISSA
Certified Nutrition Coach, ISSA

Life and Recovery Coach
CPR/AED Certified

About Coach

I have had a vision of opening a boutique fitness studio for years, a place where women can gather for fitness classes and so much more. As an observer, I've picked up many ideas along at many gyms. I saw what was working and what was not.

Turning Point

I began to take small steps toward making this happen, and now, here we are.

Motivation & Passion

I know that I am at my best, physically and emotionally, when I have a supportive community around me. I also know that physical wellness is only part of the overall human experience. My background is in Social Work, so seeing the connection between mental wellness, nutrition; access to and education about healthy foods, social support, and overall feelings of safety are so important. At Nourish, we aim to provide a place where women can not only have access to a variety of exercise taught by the best Trainers in the area, but also have access to Nutrition Coaching, Guest Speakers, and other educational opportunities on all areas of wellness. A Community.