Jessica McCollough

Jessica McCollough

Lagree instructor


200 hour RYT with Yoga Alliance Certified Lagree instructor

About Coach

I am originally from Florida & grew up playing sports and participating in dance. My 25 yr career as a flight attendant has given me opportunities to try out different fitness classes around the country & the world. My travels led me to try out yoga & ignited a passion. Many of my formative dance skills crossed over and I discovered the fitness skill set that I will never let go of. Adding Lagree has been another natural transition and an exciting way to build strength and endurance into my fitness routine!

Turning Point

I know what it is to have to start over completely when it comes to fitness. A struggle with autoimmune kidney disease and dialysis left me barely strong enough to carry out normal life tasks in my 30’s. My health was restored in 2014 when I received a life changing kidney transplant. I consider my life after the transplant as “life part 2”. I started small and gradually regained good health and real strength. The whole experience left me with a newfound happiness and sense of gratitude for my body, my health, my family and my community. I hope that sharing my story will be an inspiration to anyone who feels like they’re starting from a tough place.

Motivation & Passion

I’m motivated to help others in the same way that other great teachers and coaches have helped me. Fitness has transformed my life and I hope that I can be an instrument of transformation in other peoples lives as well!