Nichole Parisoe Cella

Nichole Parisoe Cella


I have completed 2 triathlons, helped coach girl's high school basketball, and enjoy a wide variety of sports and fitness activities including yoga, barre, Zumba, biking, hiking, strength training, pickle ball and more.


Group Fitness Instructor Certified

Zumba certified

Zumba Gold certified

Zumbatomic and Zumba Step certified

Barre Above certified

About Coach

I grew up playing team sports - volleyball, basketball, and softball. Basketball was my favorite sport to play, even though it was the toughest one for me.  I had the incredible opportunity to be the 6th man on a team that won their State championship for the first time in the school's history. But I also have had congenital lower back issues since childhood that led me to take up dance fitness in adulthood.  I loved it so much that I became a certified instructor so that I could help others enjoy the joys and benefits- for people of all ages!

Turning Point

A few years ago I had to quit teaching group fitness classes to go back to school for my Master's degree. It was a full-time program, and I had 3 school-aged children at the time.  Once I finished my degree and a couple of my kids went off to college I came back to regular fitness classes and discovered I still have a passion for helping others to enjoy moving and caring for their body through group fitness classes. I continue to expand my fitness activities and goals and discover greater health and well-being. That's what I want to share and help facilitate for all who attend my classes.  Together we are better and can encourage one another to go further.

Motivation & Passion

As someone who has struggled with physical limitations, weight control, and low energy reserves I believe in the power of working together to build healthier, stronger, happier/more joy-filled lives.